Our Story

Gifted Consulting is on a mission to uplift and pour strength, motivation, and love into the hearts of God's people. We believe that through intentional internal self-work and growth, we ALL can be a value to the World through our individual journeys to enlightenment, ultimately making the World a better place!!

Meet The Founder...

Sandy Young

Founder / Spiritual Consultant

I am Sandy Young, intuitive empath, Spiritual Consultant, and Motivational Speaker. I am here to serve the Most High God by using my spiritual gifts to uplift, encourage, motivate and help his children find inner peace and healing. I am fueled by and filled with positive energy and from a young age have been passionate about spreading the LIGHT! I am not religious but I am totally SPIRITUAL.

Gifted Consulting was birthed out of a personal higher calling to use my unique spiritual gifts to help assist others with identifying deeper internal meanings/purpose, and even help guide the healing process of those looking to work through past or present trauma. Although none of us are PERFECT, all of us can learn to be perfectly AWARE of how each of our internal experiences happening simultaneously can affect and empower us on a daily basis!! And if you allow me, I am more than confident I can be of service to you on you spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment. Hope to work with you soon!!!